Outdoor Furniture Oil

Wattyl Forestwood® Outdoor Furniture Oil is ideal for new timber furniture or for rejuvenating previously stained or oiled furniture.

Outdoor Furniture Oil on Timbers

Key Features

Designed to protect, it is tung oil reinforced for improved penetration and weather resistance.

It is wax enriched for added water repellency and contains mould inhibitors for added protection.


Produces a rich, transparent finish in natural timber tones.

Use on

New timber furniture and previously stained or oiled furniture.

Apply with brush, applicator or spray gun.

Touch dry in 4 - 8 hours.

Recoat in 16 hours.

Clean up in turps.

Coverage up to 10 m2 per coat.

Number of coats 2 coats.

When applying stain or oil to outdoor furniture, always work on the inside of the leg first and work your way around, then work up onto the seat. Finish off with the back of the chair or bench.

Product Information Sheet | Safety Data

Forestwood Outdoor Furniture Oil
Tung Oil
Rich Formulation

Tung oil is a superior oil as it assists in penetrating deep into the timbers and protecting it for longer than traditional decking oils.

UV Absorbers
for UV Protection

UV absorbing chemicals protect the timber from Ultra Violet light and the harsh Australian sun which can break down the timber.

Mould & Fungus

Mould and fungus inhibitors give protection to the exterior finish in harsh climates susceptible to warm and moist environments.

Wax Enriched
Water Repellant

Wax enriched to repel water that could otherwise cause timber to crack, warp or split. It also avoids discolouration of timber.