Forestwood Product Range

Wattyl Forestwood® is enduring, beautiful, longer lasting exterior timber protection, compared to traditional timber decking oils.

Wattyl Forestwood high performance products have been developed to give your timber longer lasting protection.


Lasure Stain & Varnish

Achieves a semi transparent finish which adds colour while still highlighting the natural grain. It seals and protects exterior timber from the harsh Australian elements and dries to a subtle satin finish in a natural timber tone.The higher build durable polyurethane varnish provides greater timber and wear protection. Lasure is recommended when you want to subtlely change the colour of the timber. Previously painted surfaces cannot be stained, oiled or ‘Lasured’. read more >>



Wattyl Forestwood decking oils are durable and give a beautiful enduring finish. Oils give you a transparent finish which enhances the natural timbers grain.

Our Oils range includes:

Lifespan of products

Oil products require regular levels of maintenance. As a guide, every 6 -12 months. Lasure products require moderate levels of maintenance. As a guide, every 1-3 years.

UV Absorbers
for UV Protection

UV absorbing chemicals protect the timber from Ultra Violet light and the harsh Australian sun which can break down the timber.

Mould & Fungus

Mould and fungus inhibitors give protection to the exterior finish in harsh climates susceptible to warm and moist environments.

Wax Enriched
Water Repellant

Wax enriched to repel water that could otherwise cause timber to crack, warp or split. It also avoids discolouration of timber.