Timber Types

Most timber species, be they hardwood or softwood can be coated but for the best results refer to the timber guide.

Avoid using green timbers that have not been seasoned or kiln dried. Green timber is more likely to warp and crack as it dries. Oil and Stains will not penetrate fully into green timber, which will reduce their lifespan.

merbau kwila

Merbau or Kwila*

An extremely durable hardwood that is popular for use on decking. Merbau is resistant to termites and decay but is prone to tannin bleed. It is rich brown in colour.



A tough, dense hardwood which is extremely durable. It is popular for furniture, decking and general timber construction. Care needs to be taken when nailing Jarrah as it is prone to splitting. It can vary from a rich red to a deep brown colour.

cypress pine

Cypress Pine*

A hard, durable, oily timber with a high resin content. It is naturally resistant to insect attack and is popular for use on structures, pergolas, decking and paneling. It contains knots and is prone to splitting as it dries.

treated pine

Treated Pine

Is Radiata Pine that has been treated to resist insect attack, fungi and decay. Treated Pine must be left to dry completely before it is coated. It is popular for use on fences, pergolas and decking.



A very hard wood sourced from Asia which has a unique light colour. It is becoming increasingly common for use on decking. It must be weathered to open the grain prior to coating/oiling.



An imported Asian timber commonly used for outdoor furniture. It ranges in colour from golden tones to a dark brown with green undertones. It is reasonably durable and rich in oils, so de-oiling using Wattyl Decking Cleaner prior to over coating is essential.



A locally grown timber which is yellow/brown in colour. It is reasonably durable and common for decking. Using Wattyl Decking Cleaner prior to over coating is essential to remove surface oils and tannins.



An imported softwood timber which is yellow brown to pale reddish brown in colour. It does contain high levels of resin which can bleed through coatings so it needs to be completely dry and devoid of any surface resin crystals before over coating.


Western Red Cedar

A durable soft timber which is used for garden furniture, weather boards, window frames and fascias. It is pale brown to dark brown in colour and is easy to stain but requires coating immediately as it tends to weather instantly. It is termite resistant.



A locally grown timber which is becoming increasingly popular for use on decking. It has slightly pink undertones and a moderately coarse grain.

*These are all naturally oily or contain tannins.

Forestwood Decking and Timber Oil
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